Rodolfo Melogli presents...

Free Training (Ep. #3): Master WooCommerce Troubleshooting (plus: 10 WooCommerce Mistakes you Must Avoid)

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What you will Learn:

  • 1

    WooCommerce Troubleshooting

    Ouch! My website is broken... What can I do? Where can I find the error?

  • 2

    WooCommerce Updating

    Help! My WooCommerce plugin, theme and WordPress have new versions available. To Update or Not to Update, this is the Question!

  • 3

    Broken Product Variations

    Yep, everyone has been there before. Variations are difficult to get right. We'll break them live and I'll show you how to fix them!

  • 4

    10 Mistakes you Must Avoid

    WooCommerce is simple to install, yet people tend to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. I'll show you the top 10 tips to avoid unforgiving mistakes!

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