WooCommerce Online Courses

Here are Business Bloomer’s signature premium WooCommerce online courses. Each course has up to 5 free lessons available to all subscribers, including lifetime support. Simply click on the course, buy the free version and get immediate access.

Featured WooCommerce Online Courses

#CustomizeWoo: Learn How to Customize WooCommerce Without Unnecessary Plugins.

A technical video course that will show you how to override WooCommerce pages and elements without using plugins. Watch me code and learn by example.

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#ConfigureWoo: Get a Deep Understanding of the WooCommerce Settings.

All you need to know about the WooCommerce settings from a technical, advanced point of view. How to master WooCommerce image size? How to set up complex shipping rates? How does geolocation work? You’ll get all the answers you need.

#TroubleshootWoo: Fix Your Broken WooCommerce Website. ASAP.

Troubleshooting a WooCommerce website is not easy – there are way more variables than a standard WordPress install. If you want to learn how to quickly debug your WooCommerce issues and fix them even more quickly, this course is for you.

#RankWoo: SEO Your WooCommerce Website Like a Pro

That page 1 of Google is the difference between success and failure. Or is it? In this course, we will take a look at the SEO basics and then fully optimize a WooCommerce install.