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How to Customize the WooCommerce Shop Page via PHP (#CustomizeWoo Ep.5)

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What you will Learn:

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    WooCommerce: What Is the "Loop" & Why Shop, Category and Tag Pages Are All the Same

    This is one of the biggest problems for WooCommerce customizers. Why is the Shop page content not showing? What is the "loop"? Why do category pages behave like the Shop? Clarity here is the key to customizing the shop properly.

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    WooCommerce: Know What You Can Customize via the WC Settings

    Sometimes you don't even need a snippet, and WooCommerce developers often forget about the easy settings. We'll spend a few minutes going through a demo site and play/comment.

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    WooCommerce: Shop Page Most Common Customizations

    PHP is the way to go. Simple snippets can help you edit the number of columns, rows, products. PHP functions can help you remove the "sorting" dropdown and "showing 1 product" counter. You can add info to loop items, text, stock, weight, and whatever other custom fields products have. All of this, without overriding any WooCommerce templates!

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    WooCommerce: Introduction to Conditional Logic

    In simple words, how can we apply our changes to the Shop page only, and not the Categories? Or how to apply changes to one category, and different changes to another?

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    Ask me anything you like at the end (I love this part!)

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