WooCommerce Online Training. Rodolfo Melogli presents:

How to Customize WooCommerce Emails via PHP Snippets (#CustomizeWoo Ep.8)



  • Tue, 26th July
  • 5pm London Time (GMT+1)
  • 12noon NewYork Time (ET)
  • 9am LosAngeles Time (PT)
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What you're going to learn:

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    WooCommerce Emails: Why You Should NEVER Override Core Files or Duplicate Email Templates

    For the exact reason we're using actions and filters to customize WooCommerce pages, we don't want to edit PHP of the existing email templates. Neither we want to duplicate them!

  • 2

    WooCommerce Emails: How to Add Static Content Inside Header / Body / Footer

    We will do this without overriding any templates. As usual, and if you've attended my previous classes, we will use simple PHP that anyone can understand!

  • 3

    WooCommerce Emails: How to Edit or Remove Default Email Data

    Possibly, this is the most difficult task. Email data is output via PHP functions - for example billing phone, order table, thank you message... - so it's quite difficult to know how to edit it. Thankfully, WooCommerce gives us "filters" we can use to edit or remove (almost) anything we like.

  • 4

    WooCommerce Emails: How to Target a Specific Email Template (e.g. New Order only)

    Big, big problem! At this stage, we will find out that no matter what "hook" we use in the email customization - ALL emails will be targeted by our snippets! So, how do we target a specific email ONLY e.g. "Customer Processing" email?

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    Q&A and networking

    Ask me anything you like at the end and chat with the other attendees (I love this part and you should do too!)

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