WooCommerce Online Training. Rodolfo Melogli presents:

How to Customize the WooCommerce Cart Page (#CustomizeWoo Ep.6)



  • Thur, 26th May
  • 5pm London Time (GMT+1)
  • 12noon NewYork Time (ET)
  • 9am LosAngeles Time (PT)

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What you're going to learn:

  • 1

    WooCommerce Cart: Why You Shouldn't Use the WordPress Page Editor

    This is one of the biggest problems for store owners and developers. That "shortcode" is so delicate and vital for the shop that messing with the page could cause a disaster!

  • 2

    WooCommerce Cart: How to Add Static Content Above & Below the Cart

    We will do this without overriding any templates. As usual, and if you've attended my previous classes, we will do simple PHP that anyone can understand!

  • 3

    WooCommerce Cart: Adding Cool Messages & Badges to Increase Conversions

    "You only need $$$ to get free shipping!", credit card logos or even security badges. Adding them is vital to increase sales and conversion - yet is not that easy!

  • 4

    WooCommerce Cart: Moving & Removing Existing Blocks

    As we've seen for the Product Page, we can move things around or even completely remove them with a few lines of PHP. Looking forward to seeing how easy this is?

  • 5

    Q&A + WooNetworking

    Ask me anything you like at the end and chat with the other attendees (I love this part and you should do too!)

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