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WooCommerce Customization Free Video Lessons

Changing WooCommerce plugin files or your theme templates is not a good idea! The first video lesson will introduce you to the world of WooCommerce customization and strengthen your PHP/CSS knowledge.

How to customize WooCommerce

How to Customize WooCommerce (Lesson #1)

WooCommerce customization should be placed in a “child theme”, an update-proof version of your WordPress theme. In there you can override colors, fonts, layouts (CSS) and even change or add new functionalities (PHP).

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Additional WooCommerce Customization Lessons

Now that you’ve watched Lesson #1, the following video lessons will show you how WooCommerce customization is done. From the single product page to the checkout, I’ve got you covered!

  • woocommerce-customize-single-product-page-PHP
  • woocommerce-customize-shop-page-PHP
  • how-to-edit-woocommerce-cart
  • woocommerce-customize-checkout-page-PHP
  • woocommerce-email-customization
  • how-to-edit-woocommerce-css

Advanced WooCommerce Resources

Visual hook guides, PHP coding collections and additional PHP resources to help you customizing WooCommerce as a pro!

  • woocommerce-hooks-add_action-list-visual
  • woocommerce-advanced-customization
  • woocommerce-conditional-logic
  • woocommerce-advanced-troubleshooting
  • woocommerce-updating
  • woocommerce-image-size

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