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Blog Donations Are Dead

With a standard “donation” you’d get nothing back. Bloomer Armada is the answer.

Since 2015 I’ve published 350+ WooCommerce blogs – I’m sure you found me on Google!

Helping me out with a “coffee” would be nice, but I hate blog donations – I earn your money but you’d get nothing back.

So here comes Bloomer Armada: instead of nothing, you get 365 days of WooCommerce benefits. Sounds like a plan?

~ Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer Founder

365 Days of WooCommerce Benefits

Don’t you always have lots of WooCommerce problems, questions, doubts? Besides… who wouldn’t like to get a bunch of WooCommerce plugins and themes discounts? Well, here’s all you get with as little as $9…

Become an Official Business Bloomer Supporter. Enjoy the Benefits For a Full Year.

Anonymously or publicly, like these folks. And don’t worry, this is not an “automatic subscription”. You get the benefits for 365 days and can re-buy only if you wish.


Link to your Website

Affiliate Program

WooCommerce Mentorship

Mention on Twitter

Guest Blog OR Website Audit


Link to your Website

Affiliate Program

WooCommerce Mentorship

Mention on Twitter

Guest Blog OR Website Audit

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Questions, doubts, ideas about Bloomer Armada and the benefits you can get? Read this section or contact us below.

Is this an annoying Automatic Subscription?

No. I hate them too. This is a one-off payment, valid for 365 days of benefits. You will get a notice once your purchase is about to expire, and can re-buy if you wish.

If I don’t renew Bloomer Armada, is my guest blog / inclusion removed?

Absolutely not!

Why not just “Blog Donations”?

Because you’d pay me but would get nothing back. Here’s why I want to give you these benefits. Rewards are the best way to show you I care.

Are you affiliated with WooCommerce and the other providers?

Yes I joined their affiliate programs and should you buy anything via my links I’d get a little cut.

What if I have another question?

Contact me (Rodolfo) via the contact form below. I’ll answer any question you might have in regard to Bloomer Armada!

I need WooCommerce help.

I usually don’t answer questions via email, as I can’t provide premium support to everyone. However, if you become a “SUPPORTER” or a “PARTNER” you get unlimited WooCommerce Q&A for one year.

I sell WooCommerce plugins/themes and I want to offer a discount to Bloomer Armada subscribers.

Great, contact me (Rodolfo) and we can chat about that. Thank you in advance!

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