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Rodolfo Melogli, Author, WordCamp Speaker & WooCommerce Expert

What’s in it for me?

My name is Rodolfo Melogli and since 2011 I’ve been working as an independent WooCommerce freelancer. “WooCommerce Weekly” is my personal way of giving back to the community (you): every week (well, unless I’m at the beach :D) I will share with you WooCommerce tips, snippets, how-tos, articles and guides.

Over the years I learned, tested, mastered and fell in love with WooCommerce… and now I hope to teach you all I know.  I put all the effort I can into “WooCommerce Weekly” and personally reply to each newsletter reply, blog comment, tweet.

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What does a WooCommerce Weekly issue look like?

I knew you had this question… so you can find below 3 past issues of “WooCommerce Weekly”. See if you like them, you find them useful, maybe click on some of the links and take a look at the articles. If you’re (still) happy it’d be wonderful if you joined the other 8,000+ fans.

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WooCommerce Weekly #246: 10 PHP Snippets to Increase WooCommerce Sales


I’m writing from Rome today, and I just flew back from WordCamp Prague (3rd biggest WordCamp in EU) where I had an absolute blast! If you haven’t been there, add it to your to-visit list 🙂

On Saturday I spoke about “10 PHP Snippets to Increase WooCommerce Sales” in front of a lovely Czech audience. And given that today is Wednesday, I could not miss our appointment with WooCommerce Weekly!

I had the pleasure to speak at WordCamp Prague 2019. I spoke about “10 PHP Snippets to Increase WooCommerce Sales” and managed to show some simple coding to the audience. Trust me – increasing your WooCommerce sales can also be done with a free, short, easy PHP snippet. So, given that I want to share all the snippets I talked about, this is a quick recap. Copy them, test them (a must!) and then use them. And let me know if your conversion rate and/or average order value increased:


WooCommerce Weekly #195: Wishlist Plugins + Custom “My Account” Page


After last week’s launch of #BloomerArmada ( and its new benefits for those of you who wish to become official Business Bloomer supporters, it’s now time to get back into WooCommerce content creation mode!

This week I published two new articles / tutorials:

  1. WooCommerce Wishlist: Top 4 Plugins (Screenshots + Features) >…
  2. WooCommerce: How to Customize the “My Account” Page? >…

Both solutions give you select, reliable plugins you can use in case you don’t know how / don’t want to code.

Your thoughts, social media shares and blog comments are always appreciated, and it’s a great way for me to understand what you like and don’t like, and how to fine-tune my upcoming content. Feel free to use the share buttons and the comment section on the blog posts to reach out to me and / or spread the word.


WooCommerce Weekly #268: Custom Related Products (Plus: Top Payment Gateways)


It’s a windy Wednesday here in Sicily – welcome back to our WooCommerce Weekly appointment!

Here comes a series of WooCommerce articles put together by yours truly so that you can learn something new – you’ll also find the list of previous newsletter issues in case you missed any.

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Thank you and enjoy 🙂

1) WooCommerce: Custom Related Products

WooCommerce picks related products on the Single Product Page based on product categories and/or product tags. Related products are very important to the shopping experience, and sometimes this is not enough – what if you want to automatically show certain products based on different criteria? So, here’s a quick snippet to e.g. get related products with the same product title of the current one. A very strange example, but you can use this as reference in case you want to get products based on different criteria. The get_posts() function, in fact, can be customized to get products with a given stock, certain price range, same custom field value, search term, and so on:

2) 6 Popular WooCommerce Payment Gateways

As you probably already know, WooCommerce offers the easiest way to build an online store with WordPress. Depending on your individual needs, WooCommerce allows you to add digital products as well as subscriptions. One of the most important components of your store is the payment gateway you use. This is what offers your shoppers a secure shopping experience by connecting your store to an online payment service where they can pay for their orders, safely and securely. Read more: