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WooCommerce: How to Enable Catalog Mode?

One of the most common WooCommerce questions is: can I use WooCommerce to build a catalog of products (without add to cart, price… basically a product gallery)? Using WooCommerce for this case scenario is indeed very helpful – you can make the most of all the inbuilt features such as single product gallery and carousel, image zoom, product description tabs, attributes, categories, tags and related products. Basically a much better version than a standard image gallery.

Another question might be: can I disable the WooCommerce add to cart / cart / checkout functionality until the time I am able to sell my products? This is another common scenario that many WooCommerce store owners require.

Besides, certain products in your WooCommerce website might be for sale and others might not. In this case, you’d want to disable the add to cart functionality from specific categories or products.

Finally, you might want to restrict the cart / checkout functions to logged in, registered users only. This is if you run a wholesale business for example, and wish to hide your prices to the public.

Either way, when the “Add to Cart” button gets hidden, a contact form might be required – this is what I call a “Product Inquiry” form.

Good news is there are snippets and plugins that can make your life easier, your admin time more efficient and your product management simpler. And today we’re taking a look at the best options. Continue reading WooCommerce: How to Enable Catalog Mode?

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WooCommerce: Display Product-Specific T&C @ Checkout

A freelance client sells two distinct products on the same website: a membership and an online course. Two different audiences, different formats and… different Terms & Conditions.

The goal was therefore to display the “Terms & Conditions” checkbox on the Checkout page based on the product in the cart. Once again, we’re going to use Conditional Logic. With that, the snippet is pretty easy to code! Continue reading WooCommerce: Display Product-Specific T&C @ Checkout

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WooCommerce Conditional Logic – Tags, Examples & PHP

The conditional tags of WooCommerce and WordPress (also “WooCommerce and WordPress Conditional Logic”) can be used in your functions.php to display content based on certain conditions. For example, you could display different content for different categories within a single PHP function. Continue reading WooCommerce Conditional Logic – Tags, Examples & PHP

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WooCommerce: How to Add a Custom Checkout Field (PHP)

A client of mine runs online courses for acupuncturists via Sensei LMS. US Law requires an “Acupuncture Registration Number” in order for students to get the final online certificate. So, this task was a little bit more complex than usual as it had two major issues:

1) This new checkout field does not belong to billing or shipping (order information), but instead it’s a unique user field that needs to be saved and retrieved multiple times if necessary

2) This field does need to be shown at checkout only if a certain product category is in the cart (“online courses”, as opposed to e.g. “books”)

So, here’s how you do it – hope it helps you understand that anything is possible via PHP! Continue reading WooCommerce: How to Add a Custom Checkout Field (PHP)