WooCommerce: Remove, Rename, Add “Sorting” Options @ Shop

We’ve seen in the past how to completely remove the “Default Sorting” dropdown that shows in the WooCommerce Shop, Category and Product Archive pages.

Sometimes, however, you might just need to remove one of the default options, rename a sorting option accordingly to your needs or even add a brand new sorting method. As usual, a few lines of PHP are sufficient to achieve anything, thanks to WooCommerce hooks and filters.

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WooCommerce: Add Content Below Single Product Images

One of the latest WooCommerce versions introduced an optimized product gallery on the single product page. If your products have multiple images and therefore use the product gallery, you might want to also add content below the gallery itself. But…

If you’re familiar with WooCommerce customization and WooCommerce hooks (and specifically the ones of the Single Product Page), you’ll know it’s now impossible to add content under the image as it used to be done with the “woocommerce_product_thumbnails” hook.

In fact, the new gallery completely replaces the default content via JQuery, including that hook. Adding content is not as easy as it used to be. So, here’s the workaround (you might want to check how it behaves on mobile or maybe completely hide this for small devices – this has been tested on desktop only).

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WooCommerce: Hide Related Products @ Single Product Page

Adding content to the WooCommerce Single Product Page is super easy – but what if you wish to remove / hide a default element?

Well, in this case it gets even easier. All you need to know is the default hook used by WooCommerce – so that you can remove it with one line of PHP in your functions.php. You can find a list of default hooks here: (https://businessbloomer.com/woocommerce-visual-hook-guide-single-product-page/)

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WooCommerce: Get Product Info (ID, SKU, $) From $product Object

I’ve been wanting to publish this guide for a long while. As a WooCommerce development freelancer, every day I repeat many operations that make me waste time… and one of them is indeed “How to get ____ if I have the $product variable/object?“.

For example, “How can I get the product SKU“? Or “How can I get the product short description“? Or maybe the product stock level, shipping class, tax class, price, regular price, sale price, and so on… hopefully this article will save you time.

Of course, not always you have access to the $product variable (I’m talking about WooCommerce hooks for example), so you’re also required to understand your case scenario and see if you can “get” that $product object in another way.

For example, you might know the $product_id. In this case, you have to find a way to “get the $product object from $product_id” – you find this example below.

Other examples might be the order or the cart pages. Once again, in here you don’t really have a $product available, so you have to loop through the order/cart items and “get” it. After that, you can then calculate and get any piece of information you require out of $product. Enjoy!

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