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Customize WooCommerce Like a Pro

If you are a WordPress website designer, this advanced course will show you how to handle WooCommerce projects, how to override WooCommerce pages and how to master WooCommerce troubleshooting via a series of videos, screencasts, resources and exercises.


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"I had no clue about WooCommerce customization..."

"How can I change *this* in WooCommerce? Should I override templates? Where should I place customization? Is there a plugin that does *that*? Is *this* possible in WooCommerce? Why does the checkout keep spinning? How long will this customization job take me?"

When I started my WordPress freelance career, I had no clue about WooCommerce customization. But I loved WooCommerce so much that I kept saying "Yes" to any client request. And boy - did I get in trouble!

I didn't know anything about hooks, child themes, troubleshooting, best practices. I didn't even know how to code in PHP. I got all my time estimates wrong. I had to refund some clients. I had no tutor, no guide. It was all in my mind, but pretty blurry.

Now that I run a successful freelancing business, I decided to transfer this valuable knowledge to you, so that you can avoid the same mistakes.

If you want to learn WooCommerce customization properly, without wasting time and money like I did at the beginning of my career, #CustomizeWoo is the online course for you.

Ready to customize Woo like a Pro?

How does #CustomizeWoo work?

#CustomizeWoo is a video-based training that teaches designers how to project manage, customize, code, extend and troubleshoot WooCommerce

#CustomizeWoo is designed to give you 24/7/365 access to your Netflix of WooCommerce video tutorials, snippets, demos and resources.

Pick one, learn a new thing, exercise and use the comment area to get access to your teacher. Yes, that's right - as a #CustomizeWoo student you get unlimited lifetime video-lesson support directly from Rodolfo.

Show me the Course

What Topics Does the Online Course Cover?

#CustomizeWoo is divided into 5 sections ("modules"). Each section has, on average, 10 videos. Each video-lesson provides bonus reads / links and a comment area where students can post comments, feedback, questions and code snippets.

When you’re making an investment in your own knowledge, it’s important to know what you’re getting - so here's a breakdown of each module.

Module 1: WooCommerce Foundation

This is the ideal start for those who want to learn how to handle project management. From a brand new website to live WooCommerce sites - learning the basics of project management and creating a list of go-to websites to stay up to date is the best, fastest, most cost-effective way to start your journey.

Each lesson has now also a short 5-min video in case you want to learn faster.

  • 1

    Be In Charge [03:59]

  • 2

    WC Resource Library [24:50]

  • 3

    Top WC Mistakes [28:58]

  • 4

    WC Project Management [25:47]

  • 5

    WC Security Tips [33:31]

  • 6

    Demo: How to Clone a WC Site [11:35]

  • 7

    WC Templates Overview [29:34]

  • 8

    Mastering WooCommerce Image Sizes [44:46]

  • 9

    Prevent Big Disasters When Updating WordPress [53:47]

Module 2: WooCommerce Reverse-Engineering

This section is to get you started on customization. In order to customize WooCommerce, you need to know how it's built, coded and developed in the first place. Knowing the terms - the "language" - will allow you to code and understanding code much better.

Each lesson has now also a short 5-min video in case you want to learn faster.

  • 1

    Customize [04:28]

  • 2

    Child Themes [29:23]

  • 3

    Demo: Build a Child Theme [12:42]

  • 4

    Using PHP Snippets [18:32]

  • 5

    WC Actions [32:26]

  • 6

    WC Filters [49:16]

  • 7

    Customize WC Pages [1:27:08]

  • 8

    WooCommerce Emails [35:38]

  • 9

    WC Endpoints [25:26]

  • 10

    WC Shortcodes [32:04]

  • 11

    WC Conditional Logic [26:43]

Module 3: WooCommerce Customization (PHP & CSS)

Now that you know the theory, it's time to customize WooCommerce via CSS (styling) and PHP (functioning). No matter if you've done this before or not, coding is fun and you can learn a lot by looking at the various examples!

Some of these lessons feature beginner and advanced exercises that will help you master WooCommerce customization.

  • 1

    How to Customize WooCommerce CSS

  • 2

    How to Customize WooCommerce with PHP Snippets [43:48]

  • 3

    How to Customize the WooCommerce Single Product Page [41:39]

  • 4

    How to Customize the WooCommerce Shop Page [47:43]

  • 5

    How to Customize the WooCommerce Cart Page [47:05]

  • 6

    How to Customize the WooCommerce Checkout Page [51:07]

  • 7

    How to Customize WooCommerce Emails [38:22]

  • 8

    How to Run PHP on Specific WooCommerce Pages [41:13]

  • 9

    Coding with WooCommerce Hooks [40:28]

  • 10

    How to Customize the Thank-you Page [35:22]

Module 4: WooCommerce Integration & Enhancements

Now that customization has taken place, it's important to consider the project specifications. WooCommerce doesn't work on its own - you need plugins, themes, hosting, SEO, SSL, analytics, languages, currencies, payment gateways to complete your knowledge.

Each lesson has now also a short 5-min video in case you want to learn faster.

  • 1

    Enhance [01:47]

  • 2

    WC Translation [22:30]

  • 3

    WC Import/Export [37:23]

  • 4

    SSL [22:55]

  • 5

    WC SEO [37:06]

  • 6

    WC Analytics [28:09]

  • 7

    WC Cache/Speed [33:51]

  • 8

    WC Payment Gateways [43:00]

  • 9

    WC Custom Fields [27:51]

Module 5: WooCommerce Troubleshooting

Website is live, you're customizing something - and out of nowhere you get a blank page. Or maybe the cart is empty. At times, the checkout keeps "spinning". What's happening? How can we do thorough WooCommerce troubleshooting?

When things go wrong, you have to act fast. And you've got to become good at guessing where the error is coming from.

  • 1

    Troubleshoot [03:07]

  • 2

    WC Error Prevention [30:34]

  • 3

    WC System Status [43:49]

  • 4

    WP Debug & Conflicts [30:11]

  • 5

    Common WC Errors [42:55]

  • 6

    Master WooCommerce Troubleshooting [53:34]

Exclusive Bonus Videos for PRO & CUSTOM Students Only

#CustomizeWoo students who purchase the "Pro" or the "Custom" option get also access to an additional database of videos, downloads and case studies.

  • 1

    Screencast: Completing a WooCommerce Project

    Get into my “WooCommerce Expert at Work” mindset. I will screencast a 30min WooCommerce challenge: from client specs, to coding, testing and going live.

  • 2

    Download: Troubleshooting Checklist

    The exact step-by-step, downloadable checklist you can follow to troubleshoot a broken WooCommerce website.

  • 3

    Integration: Taking Advantage of Email Marketing

    Introduction to WooCommerce and Email Marketing: integrations, definitions, examples.

  • 4

    Integration: Selling Online Courses

    Online Courses and Membership Sites built and integrated with WooCommerce.

  • 5

    Case Study: Understanding Content Marketing

    “How I turned my WooCommerce blog into a traffic machine” – from your truly self 🙂

  • 6

    Video: Outsourcing WooCommerce Dev

    When all else fails, where to find great WooCommerce freelancers and even free help.

  • 7

    Video: Quoting on WooCommerce Projects

    Plugin or Snippet? 10 minutes or 10 hours? Here’s how to estimate your WooCommerce development time before you start coding.

  • 8

    Case Study: Dev Tools Stack

    WooCommerce Development Tools I use: FTP, Notepad++, Visual Guides, N++ Search, N++ Compare, Google, WinMerge, Ditto, etc.

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    Full, Unlimited, Lifetime Access

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  • b

    Lesson Bonuses

    Lesson resources such as Links, Tutorials and Snippets can be used to expand your knowledge, take action and exercise.

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    Support and Q&A

    Each lesson page provides a comment box to interact directly with your teacher Rodolfo. You can ask anything related to the video, share snippets for review or provide feedback.

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Cathy Earle

#CustomizeWoo has been fantastic!

The best? There have been so many, however where I learned the most were Modules 2 and 3. Where you explained over and over again adding and removing functions and filters, your explanations were simple to understand and now when I look at a add or remove filter I actually understand the basics of it - before I would just hack away at the code and cross my fingers that it worked!

Also helpful and really great timing as they were things I was working on at the time were Import/Export and Analytics - I didn't realize I hadn't actually turned on the eCommerce analytics in Google, yikes!

Thank you - I am so glad I have taken this course, money well spent.

Cathy Earle, Peaks Media
Bill Hargreaves

#CustomizeWoo is my ideal go-to resource when I need to learn a new WooCommerce functionality. Videos are easily accessible on any device and having a lifetime, on-demand encyclopedia of premium WooCommerce resources puts my busy mind at ease. Besides, having a 1-to-1 call with Rodolfo was invaluable - there is always something to learn from each other.

Bill Hargreaves,
Hisham Syed

My 1-to-1 call sessions with Rodolfo were very helpful! I'm pretty familiar with hooks and customization and by following his tutorials there is always something interesting to learn - however talking in person was invaluable. No matter how long you've been working with WordPress and WooCommerce, 60 minutes on Skype can make you save hours of headaches and troubleshooting.

Hisham Syed, Store Owner


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See you in June 2019Enrollment for CustomizeWoo is now closed. See you in June for the course launch!

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About the Author

Hello there, I'm Rodolfo Melogli.

After a few years of practicing Civil Engineering, I found myself without a job. I reinvented my career and started designing ANY kind of website for ANY kind of client for VERY little money 🙂

But it's when I started playing with and specializing in WooCommerce that my luck turned around. Now I'm a WordCamp speaker, a WooCommerce customization expert and an Internet marketer who is able to charge top dollar for WooCommerce freelance work.

As you've probably found out, I love helping the WooCommerce community: I write weekly WooCommerce customization articles and help organizing WordCamp Dublin, the Dublin WooCommerce Meetup and the Dublin WordPress Meetup.

Finally, I love coding, hiking, travelling, and above all, chasing tennis and soccer balls. Of course, I'm still in love with Italian food despite I've been living in Ireland since 2007!

Important Questions & Answers

  • Q.Will this course continue to be updated? And will I get free access to future versions?

    A.Yes! Once you are enrolled, all future versions are free at no cost. You get lifetime access to all current and future videos, including support.

  • Q.Will this work for someone who IS NOT a developer?

    A.Absolutely. And if you find it impossible to understand, don’t forget you have lifetime access to the course. You can watch Module 1, spend some extra time learning HTML, CSS and PHP basics, and then move to the next modules in your own time.

  • Q.Can I afford this right now?

    A.Could one extra WooCommerce client cover the entire cost of the course? Or, as a store owner, could this extra WooCommerce knowledge make you save $$$ in outsourcing costs? You and I know the answer to that 🙂

  • Q.How much time will this take?

    A.Great question! The course itself is being designed to go through in your own time. As far as implementation, that depends on your experience level, skills and how quickly you learn.

  • Q.Wait, why can’t I just search the internet for all this WooCommerce information for free?

    A.Of course, you can do that for sure! This course is simply a faster and more organized way to learn Advanced WooCommerce. I’ve put together these videos and documentation to save you weeks of digging for what you need.

  • Q.Are you affiliated with WooCommerce? Are they paying you for this?

    A.No. I just love WooCommerce and I believe they offer a great WordPress plugin for ecommerce websites. Plus, I love the WordPress community!

  • Q.What if I have another question?

    A.Email me (Rodolfo) directly at I’ll answer any question you might have in regard to the course or let you know if #CustomizeWoo sounds right for you.

  • Q.What's the difference between your Free Classes and this Paid Course?

    A.What really makes a huge difference, is video-lesson support, exercises and certification. #CustomizeWoo students can work on each lesson and interact with me forever. No matter whether it’s a question, a snippet review, troubleshooting an issue – being a premium student gives you direct access to me. Plus, you can follow the simple exercises and even get a course certificate!

  • Q.How does #CustomizeWoo actually work?

    A.Videos are released immediately upon purchase. No need to wait weeks before gaining access to the next modules! Videos are 30-45 minutes long (also, a 5-mins alternative is provided), they’re easy to follow, and each lesson comes with additional resources such as documentation, downloads, links to blogs and snippets. All the training is online and students can get unlimited support and lifetime access to these resources and any other resource that will be added in the future.

  • Q.What are the official Business Bloomer Supporter benefits?

    A.Lots of cool perks for you worth $39/year… valid for a lifetime! You can check them out here:

  • Q.Do you offer discounts?

    A.Scholarships, discounts and giveaways are not currently provided. The course is promoted twice a year, usually in November and May, when email subscribers enjoy special offers (discount or additional perks). If you want to join the newsletter, please watch my free WooCommerce customization video first