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How to Customize WooCommerce CSS (#CustomizeWoo Ep.10)



  • Live @ Tue, 27th Sep
  • 4pm London Time (GMT+1)
  • 11am NewYork Time (ET)
  • 8am LosAngeles Time (PT)
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    WooCommerce CSS: files overview & child themes

    The best way to understand how to customize/override WooCommerce CSS is by taking a look at the WooCommerce CSS files. WooCommerce adds stylesheets on top of your WordPress theme and CSS should be overwritten via your child theme's style.css file. But sometimes, this won't work 🙂

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    WooCommerce CSS: first thing first. Inspect Element & Firebug

    When you're about to customize CSS, you'd usually start by "inspecting" the element you wish to edit. Problem is - how do I know I've chosen the right "selector"? And how do I know I'm not going to mess with other pages?

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    WooCommerce CSS: why you should never use !important

    I'm 100% sure you have used "!important" in your CSS at least once in your web design life 🙂 Beware: this is not a great idea - I'll explain why and I'll show you what else you can use.

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    WooCommerce CSS: most common CSS customization examples

    The first thing I usually do is customizing the colors to make them consistent with the brand (for example, add to cart buttons should have the same color as the logo). Then, I move onto fonts, other styles, responsive checks and improvements. We could be talking for hours about this, but I'll try to cover the most common examples.

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    Special Bonuses for Live Attendees

    I don't want to say too much here and keep this as a surprise 🙂 Just to let you know that this time, showing up for the live event will be worth your while!

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    Q&A + WooNetworking

    Ask me anything you like at the end and chat with other attendees (I love this part and you do too apparently: last month I spent hours trying to catch up with those chatterboxes!)

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