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Hi there!

I work daily as a WooCommerce Development Freelancer, and I also feature on the news as an SEO & Content Marketing Expert (probably this is how and why you found me). 

I’m a thirty-something civil engineer (right?) who spent his life between Italy, Ireland and the USA. The way I bumped into WooCommerce is a very long story… needless to say I now love my new career.

I love sharing my WooCommerce and Marketing knowledge with as many people as possible. I wrote a book, I teach WooCommerce online courses, I blog about WooCommerce and speak at WordCamps all over the world.

How can I help you today?

Contact me directly, check my availability for speaking at your upcoming WooCommerce/WordPress event, get a quote for custom WooCommerce work or inquire on a sponsorship / guest post opportunity. I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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1) Contact Me


Twitter: @rmelogli

2) Get a Quote for WooCommerce Work

I’m able to handle simple or complex WooCommerce development jobs.

In relation to turnaround, I’m pretty fast usually: 3-10 working days and sometimes it only takes 1 day. Of course this hugely depends on the task itself.

In regard to the investment required, I usually invoice clients for 1 prepaid hour or, more conveniently, for a prepaid 5hrs block. Hours/minutes that are not used can be kept for future work on any website, forever (time-sheets are provided at the end of each task). Payment methods are PayPal and all major Credit Cards.

In addition to the above guarantees, I also provide:

12 months warranty: if my customization stops working, I’ll troubleshoot/fix it free of charge
backup: I’ll take an offline backup copy of my customization, should a recovery be needed
personal relationship: you only deal directly with me, Rodolfo 🙂

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3) Pitch a Guest Blog

Interested in sharing your WooCommerce knowledge? Business Bloomer has almost 20000 organic website visitors a week and 7000+ active email subscribers (excluding social of course!).

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