Rodolfo Melogli presents...

10 Advanced Tricks Every WooCustomizer Should Know

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What you will Learn:

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    WooCommerce: How to Be in Charge

    The main difference between WooCommerce fans and WooCommerce experts is project management. The WooCommerce expert spends time researching, planning, securing and test-develop the new site!

  • 2

    WooCommerce: How to Customize like a Pro

    Advanced WooCommerce requires "play" time. A WooCommerce expert knows where "to look" and is able to analyse templates, identify hooks and know that child themes are the only way to go!

  • 3

    WooCommerce: How to Enhance your Store

    WooCommerce experts have been given the opportunity to know how to code and also how to scale a website. You can learn it too. From SEO to caching, from translation to custom fields, here's all you need to know how to kick ass!

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    WooCommerce: How to Troubleshoot

    WooCommerce customizers know how to code, but also how to fix broken websites or - at least - where to look. Last month we talked about troubleshooting in depth, but a refresher is always welcome!

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    Ask me anything you like at the end (I love this part!)

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    WooCommerce Bonuses

    At the end of the 1 hour session, attendees will be able to select a bonus video (to be recorded in the near future). Also, a special once-off cut for all of those who watch live! See you then 🙂

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