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What’s the Cheapest Way to Drive the Right Traffic to My Website?

There are plenty of ways out there a prospective customer may stumble onto your website.

There are search engines, ads, media marketing and many, many more. With such a vast area to cover, there must be a more robust way of figuring out just where to allocate your resources in order to drive traffic to your website!

So, I’ve done this research for you. I’ve taken a look at some of the most common methods and compared them to help you find the best way to drive traffic to your website. Don’t forget: relevant traffic equals SALES. Read more →

Short Web Pages Don’t Sell: 5 Reasons Why Scrolling is Good for You

The client is always right.

That’s definitely the first rule to remember, mostly in my industry. After having dealt with over 100 clients, my web design and ecommerce development “sixth sense” always suggests: the client is always right.

“I want a blue ribbon”, “I’d like a green border”, “I prefer this…”. To be honest, this is why I love working with real people. It’s the challenge of making every client happy that motivates me.

But after attending dozens of seminars and presentations here in California, I’m afraid, I changed my mind. The client is not right any longer – her customers are.

So, let’s break one of the top myths in web design: “Nobody scrolls, I want all of my content to be placed above the fold”. Read more →

4 Easy Ways to Remove a Page or Website from Google Search

So many times I’ve been asked: “How can I remove a website page from Google“?

Well, this is actually quite easy to do. As long as you own the website or you have legal reasons to request such removal. Read more →